The slew of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies—natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, intelligent automation, robotic process automation, deep learning and more – will fundamentally alter our relationship with technology.

AI will quickly become more than an underlying technology capability; it will permeate intelligent enterprises and advance to a fundamental tool for daily engagement with people, in the games we play and the simulations we use in training.

It’s easy to consider videogames mindless escapism, but because they generate such vast amounts of information, they are exceptionally well suited to teaching an AI how to perceive the world and interact with it. Researchers teach the “deep learning” algorithms that underpin modern artificial intelligence by feeding them staggering amounts of data. These systems gorge on information to develop patterns. Understanding the patterns will allow us to create innovative solutions. It is pretty much like teaching an AI (like AlphaGo) to play Go. You feed it every record of every Go game you can find. The AI stores the million different pathways to win the game and applies it at every turn. Applying this in our education system will allow our learners to adapt and learn with different scenarios, creating a greater sense of realism.

In 2014, researchers have designed a deep learning algorithm that can anticipate and adapt to unpredictable player actions. The approach using “Goal recognition” to player modeling that guesses at what a player’s goals are allows the game to respond accordingly by sending in enemies or adjusting difficulty levels. When applied to rehab games for patients, the game solution instantly transforms into a personal therapist.

“Intelligence in Games” – the theme of the Serious Games Conference 2017, sums up the conference objective, which is to introduce the concepts of AI to:

  • serious apps and games in main stream education through facilitation and assessment;
  • adult education through engagement and validation; and
  • healthcare through innovation and creative design


Over 20 local and international speakers will be sharing their experiences & insights at the conference.  Be engaged in interactive game play sessions, explore the Games4Good Showcase and visit the exhibition where higher education institutes and game development companies will showcase their latest projects and games.

Mark your calendar & join us from 13 to 14 November at the Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore to find out more!