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Disaster Relief Game



Disaster Relief game was inspired by the case studies done by The Logistics Institute-Asia Pacific, NUS for its Humanitarian Platform Workshops, conducted around the region.
In this game, players assume the role of a humanitarian relief planner in a fictitious disaster-prone city. They must effectively manage their available resources to provide uninterrupted supply chain of life saving items to the survivors. To achieve that, the players must prepare the best plan possible, to rescue and ensure the well-being of the survivors during disaster.
The game is played in two phases, the Planning Phase to simulate the Preparedness stage and the Execution Phase to simulate the Response stage of the Disaster Management Cycle.
The game allows players to be in a risk-free environment simulating real world disaster crisis scenario. By incorporating both theory and fun component, the game will be concurrently educational and entertaining, enhancing significantly the quality of the learning experience.


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