Game Play Session I-B

Event Hall 2-1 & 2-2

~ Sovereign City Card Game ~



Maximising Learning through the Use of a Teacher-designed Games

The Geography teachers of Catholic High created a physical card game, “Sovereign City” with the aim of educating students that prudent and deliberate energy use is key to sustainable development. Through the game process, students learn geographical concepts such as space, place, scale and environment in their bid to win the game by achieving sustainable growth points. Also, the game comes with several expansion sets to keep the game updated with recent events to connect real world with theory, and further stretch the students’ thinking. This project has earned the team the MOE Innergy Gold Award and the Merit Award at the PS21 ExCEL fest 2016.

Participants are invited to participate in the game play to experience the engineering of pedagogical practices interwoven in the game to ensure learning is maximised.

Participants will also hear from the teachers about their learning experiences through the designing of this game.

Presenters: Mr. Winfred Oh and Miss Syuhaida Dolmat

Game Play