Game Play Session II-B

Event Hall 2-1 & 2-2

~ Futures Poker ~


This game is designed to help strategic managers and policy makers to on-board on emergent technologies (strategies or policies) in order to tackle large challenges. It triggers combinatorial thinking, strategic foresight, and collaboration.

Learning outcomes:
– List important emerging technologies, which will play out in the coming 20-25 years
– Confidently articulate how those new technologies can be applied to solve major challenges
– Provide logical examples about the potential synergies between emerging technologies
– Ideate entirely new creative applications of new technologies

– Training – on boarding management groups on emerging technologies
– Open innovation – using the crowd to create combinatorial solutions to major challenges
– Scenario planning – exploring alternative scenarios for tackling future challenges
– Discovery workshops – uncovering management thinking about a specific problem set

Game Play