LD-4 | Leadership Development

Lecture Theatre

~ Collective, Collaborative and Customised Learning Experiences and Insights with Mobile Gamification Learning Platform ~



Integration of gamification elements to a mobile learning platform can enliven and engage today’s learners and build content and skill-based mastery. Quextr, a gamification learning platform, enables the 3 ‘C’s learning experiences: (1) Collective learning whereby learners can learn from other learners with quest play-through and commentary beside learning from educators. (2) Collaborative learning whereby a learner can team up with other learners to complete a quest. (3) Customized learning whereby learner can choose what they want to learn by selecting the quest to challenge. Feedback is crucial to learning and in fact games too. It is provided to both educators and learners whereby they can access data insights of their learners’ or own learning habits and outcomes with one touch away.

Leadership Development