Geography Teachers (CHS)

Geography Teachers (CHS)

About the presenters:

The team of Geography teachers from Catholic High School – Michele Tang, Syuhaida Dol Mat and Winfred Oh – started working on conceptualising the card Sovereign City, with their collaborator, AP Matthew Gaydos, from LSL/ NIE back in 2014. It took them 9 months to finally produce the final prototype which they were satisfied with. By mid 2015, they were able to launch Sovereign City level wide for the Level 1s for two years since then. This year marks the third year running of the game level wide with their students and the game has expanded to their 5th expansion set.
It has been a great learning journey for the educators with the steep learning curve they had in game-based learning.The team has gained much exposure with many supportive educators who see the relevance of the game with the infusion of 21st century skills set to promote the joy of learning. In the process, the team not only has learned how to weave the game into the curriculum in order to maximise learning in their classrooms, they also picked up ideas on how to make the game sustainable. Join them in the game play to find out more about their mission to spread the message of sustainable energy usage through Sovereign City.

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~ Sovereign City Card Game ~   Synopsis: Maximising Learning through the Use of a Teacher-designed Games The Geography teachers of Catholic High created a physical card game, “Sovereign City” with the aim of educating students that prudent and deliberate energy use is key to sustainable development. Through the game process, students learn geographical concepts […]

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