Kevin Martens Wong

Kevin Martens Wong

Director, Kodrah Kristang

About the speaker:

Kabesa / Director, Kodrah Kristang &
1st Kristang Language Festival | Author, Altered Straits

Kevin Martens Wong is a graduate of Portuguese-Eurasian descent from the National University of Singapore’s linguistics programme, the founder and director of the Kodrah Kristang revitalization initiative, the director of Singapore’s first ever Kristang Language Festival in May 2017, and a member of the CoLang Advisory Circle for the documentation and revitalization of endangered languages around the world. His first novel, Altered Straits, was published in February 2017 by Epigram Books.

Kodrah Kristang • The Initiative for the Revitalisation of the Kristang Language in Singapore •

Game Play Session II-A

Event Hall 2-1 & 2-2

~ The Southern Islands Board Game ~   The first ever Southern Islands board game competition and fight for the favour of the Temenggong! Related

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