Ng Kian Bee

Ng Kian Bee

Deputy Director, Nanyang Polytechnic

About the speaker:

Kian Bee is a neuroscientist by training. He holds a PhD in neuroscience, an MBA, and a computer engineering degree. He is an alumnus of INSEAD where he studied Corporate Governance under the International Directors’ Programme. His research interests include the neural correlates of learning and attention. He is also keenly passionate about applying neuroscience for business and marketing as he believes that the more we understand the connectivity of our brain, the more we can attain better mental health and make better individual and business decisions. Kian Bee regularly contributes to the education, business and tech community as a speaker, author, and innovator.

Plenary 1-2

Lecture Theatre

~ Ethics for AI – A Neuroscientist Perspective ~ Synopsis: AI is part of modern day technology – from making games more entertaining to deciding a better logical choice of a problem. If AI has a character what will it be? Will it be utilitarian or will it practise deontology? Can we rely on modern […]