Roberto de Roock

Roberto de Roock

National Institute of Education

About the speaker:

Dr de Roock is research faculty at Singapore’s National Institute of Education where he undertakes ethnographic and design-based research examining the relationships between literacy, learning and technology. He has spent the last 17 years collaborating with communities around the globe in strengthening teaching and learning, including two years with Arizona State University’s Center for Games and Impact.

FMA-1 | Facilitation, Measurement and Assessment

Training Rooms 2-1 & 2-2

~ Game-based Approaches to Learning, Measurement & Assessment in the Classroom ~   Synopsis: Academic learning through video games has been around nearly as long as video games themselves, with evidence that they can improve the effectiveness of traditional classroom teaching. Students have also long learned academic content through programming games. Educators and researchers have […]

Facilitation, Measurement & Assessment