Tan Wee Shen

Tan Wee Shen

Three Learning

About the speaker:

Wee Shen founded Three Learning in the year 2005 with the main objective of promoting and implementing solutions that help organizations achieve effective and engaging e-learning; learning effectiveness through knowledge retention methods, and learner’s engagement through cutting-edge digital creatives.

Wee Shen serves the company as the Creative and Management Director. During his tenure, he has conceptualised and created some innovative e-learning solutions to deliver the learning improvement outcomes envisaged by clients. An example is the combination of causal gaming concept with e-learning methodology to teach policy to staff of a large Singapore organisation.

His interests and knowledge revolves around the use of simulators, simulation, web, gaming and mobile technologies for learning purposes.

He was the Guest Speaker at Republic Polytechnic DGD Portfolio Showcase and Industry Day on 22 Jan 15; topics – Exploring Learning Through Serious Games.

FMA-3 | Facilitation, Measurement and Assessment

Training Rooms 2-1 & 2-2

~ Learning is Cake – Literally ~   Synopsis: Using gamification to add “icing to the cake”, making learning more digestible and fun” In this segment, we will be exploring how best to apply gamification practically in e-learning. Gamification should not distract, overshadow, or divert attention from the overall learning objectives of an e-learning solution. […]

Facilitation, Measurement & Assessment