Veerappan Swaminathan

Veerappan Swaminathan

Co-Founder, Sustainable Living Lab

About the speaker:

Veera is a pioneer of the Maker Movement in Singapore, having started the first local makerspace in 2011. A firm believer in making that is purposeful, he has co-founded 4 maker organizations which are working to advance sustainability goals, address youth unemployment, develop hardware entrepreneurs and seed networks for makers in Southeast Asia.
Listed on 5 patents for biomedical devices, he is trained as a Mechanical Engineer and holds a graduate certificate in Intellectual Property from the National University of Singapore. In 2016, he was awarded the EcoFriend Award and is both an INK Fellow and a YSEALI Fellow. He is an avid woodworker and learned pretty much all of his maker skills informally from YouTube, Instructables and other Makers.

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~ Games for Civic Education ~   Synopsis: Under the smart nation initiative, the Singapore Government is offering digital maker courses to more than 100,000 students and adults. However, the current pervasive instructional model of teaching negatively impacts the curiosity and motivation of the learner and does not take into account the social nature of […]

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